Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Web Site Designs

Doing this webpage design I have been looking at many different sights trying to get information on what I want to do. Here are a couple of ones I loved!
This is my families website for my cousin Lindsey

Here is one that I found to be absolutely awful

I am still figuring out for sure what I am doing with mine, I have a couple of ideas and have played around a little bit, I guess you will all just have to be surprised :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My favorite poem from Kinky, is BARBIE AS MAFIOSA. I thought it was very well written and creative. My favorite passage from this poem is, "I'm just playing, she'll say, or you can't prove a thing. I barely even have a brain."

My favorite passage from Barbie's Queer Accessories is, "What remains consistent is that, no matter how many consumers Mattel expands its infinite possibility line to bring in, Mattel, and Barbie, always remains faithful to those who buy into the prevailing idea that the best thing to be is white, skinny, blonde, glamourous, rich, largely apolitical, and heterosexual, although it caters to some of these values more subtly than before."

I think these two passages help relate to the idea that we are responsible for why and how Barbie is the way she is. She is "just playing" the role we have given her, which is the role of a skinny, blonde, beautiful woman. We have put the idea of perfection into a doll, a doll who can not tell us if she wants to be a size ten, for she has no brain. Barbie isn't to blame for her looks or her goals, we are as a society. Sure, Mattel manufactured the doll but maybe we are just as guilty for making Barbie who she really is. She is just playing the role we made for her. The role of perfection.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sex and the Campus

If anyone has been watching the news you would be familiar with the story of the former Duke University grad who made a powerpoint of whom she had slept with throughout her college career. She did not mean for it to send to the whole world, she only meant to send it two friends. Who of course sent it to three friends who sent it to three friends. Everyone I have talked to about this have very different points of view. Many think its absolutely terrible that she did this, I on the other hand don't see a problem with this. I don't necessarily think that it is appropriate to have a power point with pictures of the men however it is her sex life and she was just being open with it. I don't think I will be ever making power points but if she wants to more power to her.

Monday, September 27, 2010


What is something that is pretty damn cool about yourself? When I was a senior in high school I ran a half marathon. I have always been a runner and enjoy going out for a jog, but pushing myself for a half marathon was one of the best things i've ever done. To wake up at 5 in the morning to run 8 miles before school made me feel so powerful. It made me feel so good about myself. I still enjoy going on a run, but it's hard to find the time in college! I ran it with one of my best friends Rachel. It was such a bonding experience and we got to know so much about each other. When we crossed the finish line, we grabbed hands; such an incredible feeling. My goal is to run so many more half marathons, but for now I'll just be satisfied with what I've done so far- I think it's pretty damn cool.

Let's Strip and Take a Dip

In the reading Strip by Diana Courvant she brings up the idea of stripping as a form of empowerment and finding self esteem in your self. There are many ways your can strip without having to perform in a strip club. Wether its the newest fitness crave pole dancing or Carmen Electra's strip tease workout video there are many options you have to learn how to strip. We can even take it to a personal level. Strip down and look in the mirror, it may not be the most pleasant thing to do but try it. I tried it after reading this article and found it very empowering. Normally I look at myself and pick every little thing I want changed, but this time I decided to try and be positive. It wasn't easy but like Diana said it can be a very empowering thing. I found myself no longer judging myself instead celebrating what I have. We need to strip down, expose ourselves, and see what other people see in us. Be brave, STRIP, and it will also give you a little bit of a workout :)
Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom [DVD]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey Barbie, can I call you Barbara?

My name is Beth and I am a junior with a major of Fashion Merchandising and Product Development with a minor in Business and Sales- I've come a long way from wanting to be a dog. Yes, when I was five and asked by my parents what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded with a dog. I have an amazing family and feel blessed every day. I feel like I should of really started this post explaining why I decided to name my blog "Cupcakes? Yes, Always." Part of this reason is also the reason for me taking this class. I have two older sisters who I admire more than anything in the world, not only are they wonderful at everything they do, but they are wonderful at making me become the best person I can be. Both my sisters are avid bloggers and when they first got a blog I found it absolutely ridiculous and I told them every chance I got. I also had to tell them when I became addicted to reading their blogs and showed my friends all the time, I put my foot in my mouth real fast. When my sister Emily was deciding the title of her blog, I joked saying if I HAD to have one mine would for sure be "Cupcakes? Yes, Always." As much as I was joking about it something stuck with me, so here it is! My sisters are both liberal feminists who instead of trying to push their ways on me let me figure it out for myself while teaching me at the same time. I took women and genders study and fell in love with the class and I genuinely enjoy writing so it wasn't even an option which junior english I was going to take. How do I feel about Barbie? Well I grew up playing with her and probably couldn't count how many barbies we had. Like I said I have two older sisters, so I had lots and lots of barbies. I love barbies, and I am grateful that I did not grow up playing with bratz. I am excited to see where this class takes us and how I will view barbie in the end of the quarter. I can't wait to read everyones posts and get to know everyone's opinions. And yes, I really do love cupcakes and any food for that matter.
This is a picture of my sisters and me during our prime Barbie days. Emily, Beth, and Tara.

Here is a current picture of my sisters, also my best friends. Beth, Tara, and Emily.

Always Love,